I got my first job thanks to the languages!

"I was tired of doing interviews without success. After learning German and English with the Tapscott Method, everything changed."

Berta G. Account executive.

The methodology of Tapscott is based on the use of FastCards, with which through enjoyable and fun exercises the student will learn a large amount of vocabulary in a natural and dynamic way.

In a few weeks with work and dedication you will be able to speak fluently.
Avoid spending unnecessary money in academies and study centers,
trust in a method that adapts to your life rhythm and gives positive results to 85% of students who initiate the method.

What are you waiting for! What prevents you from learning and speaking another language?

Our method has been designed by a team of international linguists.

Differ from the majority of people who are not able to learn a foreign language.

It took more than 3 years to find an effective method to acquire verbal and written fluency of a foreign language in just a few weeks.

The people who participated in these studies acquired an average of 200 words a day that ensured the subsequent success to speak and write correctly the new language.

All of them agreed on these points:



This method favors motivation towards language learning.



As the days pass their concentration and ability to memorize increase up to 80%.



The training is entertaining, you will forget that you are learning a new language.

What is this new method?

It is a totally efficient and fast method to memorize entire words and phrases thanks to interactive Fastcards! Memorization and repetition means you have more resources to speak the language more quickly.

The TapScott method has as one of its bases the rule of total synchronization of the brain (Whole Brain Synchronization). Thanks to this you will get to memorize and know how to use the phrases for life.

These effects on language learning are obtained by the use of adequate stimulation of both sight and hearing.

The Fastcards used awaken the neurotransmitters "asleep" responsible for the transmission of stimuli of sight or hearing to the brain. The more neurons are activated, the faster the synapses (the connections between neuronal cells) will transmit the acquired information to our memory complex. The reinforced synaptic wires that connect permanently with the neurons, allow the rapid transmission of nerve impulses, stimulating at the same time the two hemispheres of the brain. This means improving concentration in a sustainable way and accelerating the learning process.

As a result of the use of Fastcards, our brain easily improves its memory capabilities - building the so-called neural road from synaptic connections. It is she who allows us to transmit information to our brain at an accelerated rate. Thanks to it we remain concentrated for a longer time, we do not forget the information once it is assimilated and we quickly memorize the new messages. This is especially important for people who have problems with vocabulary retention, often distracted and barely maintaining attention.

On the basis of this discovery they developed the TapScott teaching method. The ability to absorb information in comfortable conditions, without the participation of third parties and the need to keep pace with the group, also encourages the process of acquiring foreign languages.

Thanks to this, learning a foreign language with the TapScott method provides several benefits:



Learning a language like Norwegian opened many job opportunities for me. In less than a month I was fluent in the language and I started charging twice as much.

Daniel M.



Thanks to a friend I knew the Tapscott Method and in just two weeks I got to learn Polish. A language that I thought would cost me years of learning. I recommend it without any doubt.

Emma M.



Thanks to the Tapscott method I was able to learn Italian and travel to Rome without having problems communicating. And all in the same month!

Chloe S.

Get the Tapscott method more economically.

This method has been developed by a team of linguists for over 3 years to make it an effective process to learn languages.

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We include within this program all the interactive Fastcards of up to 7 languages of maximum quality. Later this price will go up.

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